MDE Conference

The MDE-Conference

The International Conference on Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurship (MDE) is an annual conference which aims at bringing together international researchers from different disciplines, practitioners and policymakers in order to develop a better understanding of entrepreneurship in the context of migration and co-create better solutions for the modern society facing the maybe most complex migration in human history. The MDE facilitates a platform for interdisciplinary discussions from different perspectives.

Due to its transnational nature, the phenomenon and their entrepreneurial activities are highly heterogeneous and complex, which requires more interdisciplinary work. The M/DE offers a creative and inspiring atmosphere to allow participants to productively (co-)develop their research initiatives. The series of the ‘ZenTra workshops on migration and diaspora entrepreneurship’, predecessors of the M/DE Conference, have already made a substantial step to create a researcher’s community of this research area. This conference will continue to foster further research partnerships on a local and international level. Papers presented at this conference can be considered for a submission to international journals and the ZenTra (Center for Transnational Studies, University of Bremen & University of Oldenburg, Germany) working paper series.

The Team

The MDE Conference is organized by……

  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling
    University of Bremen (Germany)

  • Dr. Aki Harima
    University of Bremen (Germany)

Some impressions from Previous Events

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