General Information

The MDE Initiative has the aim to connect international researchers from different disciplines, practitioners, and policy makers to improve the knowledge in the field of Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurship.

The annual conference is in the center of the initiative which is supported by workshops on more specific topics of the field. In 2015, the first conference already brought together 76 people from 25 countries and exposed the interest and the need for a platform to connect with ideas, experience, and different knowledge. In 2016 the MDE Conference was held under the leading topic “Challenges and Solutions”, which discovered the high interest and political relevance for refugee entrepreneurship which resulted in the Workshop on Refugee Entrepreneurship in the summer of 2017 and was a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and build a network for future projects.
Connecting all actors with regard to migration and diaspora entrepreneurship to be able to co-create better solutions for the modern society facing the most complex migration situation in the human history; the MDE Initiative facilitates a platform for interdisciplinary discussions from diverse perspectives and would like to invite you to become part of this network.